Allow Your Employees to Think For Themselves and They Will Reward You…

A business is not made up of just one mind doing all the thinking. It is made up of many different minds with various ideas. However, most of the time, only few of these ideas ever get implemented because the employer limits the potential that his or her employees actually have.

When trying to think of new ideas of how to better your company, ask your employees what they think. Their ideas mixed with your ideas could lead to remarkable results and in turn your business will prosper. If you don’t just ignore your employees ideas and you let them share their own innovations, they might just come up with something that will reward you and your business in the long run.

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Say it Three times if it’s Important…

Marketing is a progressive process that requires consistency in all areas. Many entrepreneurs have the tendency to forget essential marketing techniques when they learn new ones. There is a simple remedy for this common dilemma.  When you learn a way to improve your business, study it – because repetition breeds retention. Just remember this one step, when you learn something new, say it three times. This simple method will increase your chance of remembering it in the future.


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What is Guerrilla Marketing Exactly?

To answer this question, I must first explain where the term comes from. To do this I refer to the words of the father of guerrilla marketing, Mr. Jay Conrad Levinson. In his inspiring book, Guerrilla Marketing Remix, he lays out and explains the fundamental difference between guerrilla marketing and traditional marketing. In explaining what guerrilla marketing is, he talks about a strategy that was used in war over the course of history that we know today as guerrilla warfare. Essentially, this is taking unconventional means of small amounts of men and sneaky tactics and turning them into the conventional product – winning the battle.

Guerrilla marketing utilizes exactly the same concept used in guerrilla warfare; achieving the conventional of well earned profits using the unconventional means of minimal to no starting budget. What I’m trying to say is that guerrilla marketing is for everyone. Unlike traditional marketing that focuses solely on businesses that “have the money and the means” to market and make a profit, guerrilla marketing doesn’t discriminate. Whether you own a “Fortune 500” or you just have great idea but don’t know how to implement it doesn’t matter. As long as you are passionate about what your doing and are willing to work at it – if implemented correctly, guerrilla marketing can help you achieve success.

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